God has placed a unique gift inside of you that only you can bring to the world!

You've been feeling like you need to move forward, and that little voice keeps telling you that there is something more on the other side of your fear, BUT you're stuck in realizing that you MUST move forward.


Becoming a Leadher is a transformative process that allows women to discover their gifts in a unique way while building the capacity to share and impact the world in a way only you can!


Understand, there is NOT one person designed exactly like you! If you know and believe that, then you also, that your GIFT, is yours alone, and it must be used for IMPACT and PURPOSE!

Hey Ladies!

Becoming a LeadHer is definitely not a position for the meek! And my definition of what a LeadHer  just may very well be strikingly different than what you've heard before, but I stand behind it as true and factual..."A leadHer is someone who understands themselves so deeply that the authentic transparency allows others to understand her depth, vision, and expectation through her priorities, demonstration, and determination, despite any normalcy or standards."   


That's a BIG  definition! It is also the truest definition that I have been able to compose to truly encompass what becoming a LeadHer is, and always should be. You see becoming a LeadHer focuses on you discovering your GIFTS to then build capacity and impact, that will position you in a way you never dreamed possible!


So I ask are you a LeadHer? Are you ready to take the lead? Are you ready to transform and have impact beyond what you even thought was possible? 


I hope that you will join my intimate discussions, and BLOG post and share your lens of transformation and impact!





The Unconventional LeadHer